The truth about anabolic steroids


The topic of steroids is quite painful and interesting for many newcomers who came to the sport. They are especially interested in such questions:

  • What are the dangerous steroids? What are their side effects?
  • Can or can not they be taken?
  • If it is possible, then in which way?
  • Where to buy steroids?

On them, we will try to find the answer in this article. But before, it is still necessary to define what steroids are and tell us about the principle of their action.

The whole truth about steroids: an introduction to the concept

Steroids, they are AS (Anabolic Steroids), they are Anabolics, they are Pharma, Vitamins and Chemistry (the last three are slang names that are used in athletes’ circles). So, what is this most anabolic? Why are they needed?

The very word speaks for itself. Anabolics from “anabolism”, that is, “synthesis”. In fact, anabolics are a group (and the group is not small) of drugs, completely different in structure and origin of means, but having a common ability to enhance the processes of protein synthesis in our body.


In other words, they help to better assimilate and produce a protein, without which our existence would be impossible. On the basis of protein, our muscle mass is built, and at the same time increases the endurance of the body, strengthens the bones and increases the number of red blood cells in the blood.

Such drugs are widely used, and for a variety of purposes. We will not delve into the jungle of their application and in the thickets of history. Today we have different goals and questions. And our first question:

What are the dangerous steroids?

In fact, if you have a bad head on your shoulders, aspirin is dangerous, but that’s not the point. Steroids do cause harm to health, but only if you take the wrong steroids, and not properly.

As for the side effects, they can be different, depending on which drugs you take, and in what doses. So, in some it is expressed in depression and fits of rage, and someone can reach and the violation of pressure. So if you “the boys advised a cool thing, from which the muscles grow”, do not immediately eat it in tons. With the use of steroids, dosage and method of administration are important.

It is possible or impossible to take steroids

Undoubtedly nobody will answer this question to you, only you. But for the sake of justice, I want to note that all these terrible stories about steroids, just a myth. Scientists did not confirm even a tenth of all these rumors. To get motivated to train, read article about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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In addition, do not forget to distinguish between two such concepts: “abuse” and “use”, the difference is well heard, is not it?

How to take steroids correctly

This is the subtle point. Here you need to be very careful that when you take anabolic drugs, you get the expected result, not a side effect. And to achieve all this, it is worth remembering organic chemistry.

All anabolic steroids are based on a tetracyclic hydrocarbon having a methyl radical -CH3. So this radical, maybe of different lengths, and the longer its length, the longer the effect on the body. For example, there are drugs whose anabolic effect persists for three whole months, and this is taking into account the reception alone. Quite a bit.

Hence the first conclusion: do not take steroids a lot and often

Go ahead. We have already found out that when taking doping, the ability to assimilate proteins in the body increases. For example, an adult person normally needs about seventy to one hundred grams of protein per day. But against the background of the use of anabolic protein requirement increases to three hundred grams. The conclusion is this: when we take the AS, our food should be saturated with protein. But the proportion of carbohydrates and fats is reduced. In a word, against the background of nutrition with a small amount of protein anabolic steroids are inactive.

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The second conclusion: you must eat right. The content of proteins in food should not be minimal. After all, it is the protein that builds the muscle mass that we need so much.
And a few rules for taking steroids:

  1. Do not take several anabolic medications at the same time;
  2. If you are too young (under the age of 20) do not take steroids;
  3. Do not increase the duration of the prescribed course

It should be noted one important point that when recruiting muscle mass, with the help of steroids, forget about the strength training is not necessary. This will noticeably improve the result.

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Well, behold, following these simple rules, the harm from steroids can be reduced to almost zero. And now about the benefits of anabolic media and are full of headlines about the dangers of anabolic, but it’s rarely said about the benefits of drugs of this group. So, what is the useful effect of anabolic steroids on the body?

  • improve carbohydrate metabolism
  • improve lipid metabolism
  • reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood
  • AC promote growth and weight gain
  • Anabolic medications are often prescribed to the post-operative patient for an early recovery

And at the end of the article, we come to the last popular question, where to buy steroids? There will be no clear recommendations, I will only note that it is worthless to buy anything in a gateway or some sharashka office. And before the reception, consult with specialists in the gym (who have real results) or with familiar physicians.