Simple exercises to lose belly fat

exercises to lose belly fat

One of the biggest ambitions of those who want to lose weight and look 100% is, of course, a flat, tight stomach, use this exercises to lose belly fat fast. The fat that accumulates in this part of the body not only greatly damages our figure, but also puts at risk the health of the cardiovascular system (which escapes the attention of most), and hence the whole organism as a whole.

Fortunately, there are effective methods of fighting fat on the stomach. We will talk only about natural and natural, without the need for strict diets and expensive bioadditives. Good results in a relatively short time can be achieved by adhering to a balanced diet (with control of calories consumed, read about pre-workout meals) and giving at least 30 minutes a day to physical exercises.

The best thing is not even to go to the gym and do not spend money on individual lessons with the coach, but do it right at home. It is convenient and not so difficult as it may seem. This type of training combines cardio-load and strength exercises (high intensity or exercises to lose belly fat).

This will help increase energy consumption (burning calories) and accelerate the process of losing excess weight. Below we will tell you about the 6 best exercises in order to defeat fat in the abdominal area. Start performing them today!

1. Plank

“Plank” is a very popular exercise today, as it allows you to simultaneously work out different muscle groups throughout the body.

how to lose belly fat
Plank exercise

It is recommended to speed up metabolism and strengthen the stomach, buttocks and lower back.

How correctly to carry out this exercise?

Take the position lying on your stomach (on the yoga mat), then lean on the forearms (elbows) and toes and lift your body (as shown in the photo above).
Be sure to hold the body straight so that the stomach does not sag, and the hips do not go up.
You will feel a strong tension in the abdominal muscles (even if you keep this position of the body for a few seconds).
Start with 20 seconds, gradually increasing the duration to 45 seconds.

2. Turns with weight

This exercise will help burn a large number of calories and take the extra centimeters at the waist.

How to do it?

Sit in such a way that the upper part of the trunk and thighs form the Latin letter V, the legs are raised and crossed. Pick up a heavy ball (2.5 kg), hold it at chest level. And start making turns, first one way, then the other. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

3. Exercise with a roller (wheel)

If you have a special roller (wheel) for fitness at home, then the following exercise is ideal for making the abdomen flat.

how to get rid of belly fat
Exercise with a roller (or wheel)

The clip will not only facilitate the training and make it interesting, it really effectively strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps fight fat.

How to perform this exercises to lose belly fat?

Stand on your knees and squeeze the roller handles in both hands. Now lower the body, moving the roller from you forward, and then slowly return to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

4. Footbridge with a leg lift

“Bridge” is an exercise that is useful not only for the abdomen, but for the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. In this case, we suggest you perform it with the alternate lifting of the legs in order to increase the load.

How to perform this exercise?

Take the position lying on the back, the left leg is bent at the knee (the left foot is pressed to the floor), and the right one is stretched upwards (looks at the ceiling).
Now pull your hands along the trunk and, leaning on them, lift the pelvis, hold for 10 seconds.
Relax, change your legs and do 10-12 reps per each.

5. Exercises for the lower press

The muscles of the lower press work hardest, it is one of the most problematic areas of our body (and it is there that accumulates the greatest amount of fat).

lose belly fat
Lower press exercise

This exercise is called a “guillotine”. Do not worry, the head will remain in place, but the fat on your stomach will be hard. You will notice how the body decreases in volume.

How to perform this exercise?

Take the position lying on your back. Raise your legs so that they form an angle of 90 degrees with the upper body and with the floor.
Now lower your legs slowly, without touching the heels of the floor.
Take a short pause (4 or 5 seconds) and raise your legs again.
Do 4 sets of 10 or 15 repetitions.

6. Knees to the chest

This exercise is ideal for fighting fat in the abdomen. It not only strengthens muscles in this part of the body, but also activates cardiovascular activity.

how to lose belly fat fast
Lower press exercise – knees to chest

How to perform this exercise?

Take the position lying on your stomach, lean on the forearms (elbows) and toes and lift the body.
Make sure that the back is straight, and the stomach does not sag down (it should be retracted, strained).
Raise one leg to the chest, then return it to its original position, repeat the exercise with the other leg.
Work your legs alternately, trying to do the exercise as quickly as possible.
Do 30 or 40 repetitions.

Want to see the desired result in a short time? Then be persistent in your actions (training should become a regular phenomenon in your life) and do not forget to adhere to proper nutrition.