How to make press cubes on the stomach


Pumping a press does not mean making it really beautiful, with cubes on its press. You can perform a variety of exercises for a long time, have a flat stomach, a strong, hardy press, but you can not see the muscles yourself…

It is not so often who succeeds from those involved. After reading this article, you will understand how to make cubes on your press and not make mistakes of the majority of the trainees.

Make a beautiful belly with cubes

It will be about clearly traced, beautiful cubes. To see them, you should:

  1. Work not only on the relief but also on the mass of the muscles of the press.
  2. That’s right, exercise regularly.
  3. Follow the diet.

There is a myth that it’s enough to burn fat and the press will be beautiful. No, it will not. Although the concept of “beauty” is different for all, but there will only be a flat stomach, at best with a slight outline, which looks like cubes. To cubes appeared they need to inject volume, that is, not only to burn subcutaneous fat but also work to increase the mass of abdominal muscles. This can only be done by working with a load and progressing.

press cubes
Close up shot of a shirtless male chest and abs

After all, the muscles of the press are exactly the same as the other muscles on the body, so they need to train the same way. In favor of muscle mass, you can still say that the more it is, the more energy is consumed in the body.
Therefore, fat accumulates on the abdomen, which in ordinary, untrained people, the muscle mass of the press is very small, since in life these muscles work little and are poorly developed, which means that energy consumes little.

The most optimal is to alternate workouts to relief and mass.

You can do this by dividing by turns the alternation. Or, alternatively alternate in one workout, for example performing twisting, take a disk, dumbbell, any weighting on your chest or head, which will not allow you to do more than 8-10 times (with each workout try to increase the weight of the weights, this is the principle of progressive loading) and after you do with the weight, it will be excellent to leave the load and do not rest to finish the exercise, which is called “to failure”, already without additional load. Read about shoulders pumping in this article.

pump press
Pumped man’s press (abs/ab)

With this method, you can immediately kill two birds with one stone, you will work on mass and relief at the same time. But it’s worth doing only if you train the abdominal muscles not very often (1-2 times a week) because more often you will not give the press to recover and grow muscles in mass. In general, again, I remind you that you should always monitor your condition and feel the “time”, when your muscles are restored and you are again ready to apply another massive blow to them.

The regularity of classes is of great importance, both in bodybuilding and in fitness. The process of fat burning, as well as the acceleration of the process of metabolism, have the property of being twisted. The longer, the more regular you do, the faster the burning of hated fat begins.

Imagine a centrifuge for spinning the laundry.

When in the beginning it works slowly, water is not squeezed out enough, but it takes a little time, it grows faster, and the longer it unwinds, the faster the water comes out and the linen becomes drier. Approximately the same, only in a significantly slowed down mode, there are processes of fat burning and increased metabolism.

The centrifuge does not stop until the laundry becomes almost dry and we do not need to take long breaks until we achieve our result. And then, you can only maintain at the right level, our beautiful body, it is much easier than burning fat accumulated over the years, and even tens of years of life.

Man’s abs

The muscles of the press react very well to the complex elaboration, that is, if you perform only one exercise per press, the result is 1 unit. And if you perform 3 exercises per workout, as well as one, with a certain number of approaches and repetitions, the result is not 3 units, but 4-5. I try to explain all this figuratively, but I hope you understood me.

Burning fat begins, somewhere after 30-40 minutes of training, depending on its intensity and the accumulated amount of glycogen in your muscles. The longer you work out one muscle, the less glycogen remains in it and the more it starts using its subcutaneous fat resources, burning fat, and the closer the cubes of the press on the stomach. After completing one exercise, you can not start this combustion mechanism.

How to properly perform exercises on the press

Now let’s talk about the correct execution of exercises for the press. When we work on the relief, we have to do a lot of repetitions, and a sense of correct fulfillment is lost in fatigue (when there is no experience, this feeling is not even familiar). Shaking the press, if not properly performed, most often the load goes to the tendons, which tighten the legs to the trunk and iliolumbar muscle.

If you make twists (from the word “twist”!), Then do not lift the whole body, but just pull up the chest to the pelvis. When you swing the lower abdomen, then the main emphasis is not on lifting the legs, but on lifting the pelvis to the chest. For this, it is better to do an exercise on the “Swedish wall” or a special board, where the back will be pressed. Only by doing the right exercises will you achieve your goal.

It is very important to feel how exactly the place that you want to pump out works. All attention should be concentrated exactly where you want to get the desired result.
And the exercises themselves for the press, like everywhere else, they are the same. The main thing is to select, by the “trial and error” method, the most effective for you, to perform them regularly and correctly.

Man’s 6 press cubes

When you feel pain, a burning sensation in the muscles of the press – it means you are doing everything right and you do not have to stop until you have the strength to perform the repetition even once. Remember, the last, most difficult repetition, at the limit of your physical and mental abilities is the most effective! It is he who makes champions and just beautiful people with cubes on his press.

About a diet for a beautiful press

A little about the diet. To reduce the thickness of subcutaneous fat, you need to spend more energy than you consume. It’s not a secret that different products have absolutely different amounts of calories. The greatest number in animal food, but in bodybuilding (with fitness is easier) without animal food can not do, since 75% of the protein entering the body must be of animal origin. Yes, and carbohydrates need to consume a lot – without them. Here are the rules that will greatly help, without harm to health and without losing muscle mass, to eat right.

Healthy nutrition to pump press

Healthy nutrition to pump press

  • Use low-fat varieties of fish, meat, poultry, and dairy products.
  • Maximally reduce the consumption of sweet and flour, replacing them with cereals, fruits, and vegetables.

Observing these simple rules in training and nutrition, you will achieve the cherished dream – a beautiful press with cubes.