How to do bench press right?

bench press

Bench press the barbell from the chest, perhaps, is one of the most popular exercises that perform in the gyms. There are several reasons for this popularity.

Firstly, most guys and men want to develop strength training of the muscles of the chest and arms, and for this ideal is ideal bench press.

Secondly, this exercise is included in the training program of many athletes: swimmers, boxers, and what’s there to say, to any athlete whose result depends on the speed, it is necessary to have a strong body, so the strong muscles decrease much faster than the weak ones.

Third, at first glance, this is a simple exercise, to do the right thing that a beginner can do in strength training. But the first impression in this case is deceptive.

How to properly perform bench press

In the correct technique of bench press there are many little noticeable trifles.

Wrong technique can lead to a strong slowdown and even stopping progress (for example, a man squeezes the same light weight for several months and can not move forward), and can also lead to injury, sometimes even serious. Often newcomers injure their shoulder joints or tear the shoulder muscles.

The right technique, perhaps, most depends on the correct position. But before proceeding to this exercise, it is worth paying attention to the bench. Now in the gyms are often set benches for such exercises with a bend.

bench press
Bodybuilder performing bench press

It’s really necessary to cave in the back when doing bench press (and this is one of the most important aspects of correct technique), but the problem is that all people are different: we differ in both growth and flexibility. Therefore, someone can bend more strongly, the other will have the minimum deflection. And benches with a bend do not allow you to vary the deflection in the back.

Slow down in the back, you can tear the pelvis off the bench and put your feet on it can not be!

So, if possible, do this exercise on a regular bench without bending. It is also desirable to give preference to hard benches. First time on them can be very uncomfortable, the blades will slip, but you will quickly learn to keep balance. On a soft bench you can “float”, lose balance a little, which will not allow you to take a lot of weight. To pump strong abs muscles read article about press cubes.

bench press technique
Classic bench press

Bench press features

Now, in detail, we will analyze the starting position with correct bench press performance. As we have already said, it is possible to cave in the back strongly. But here you should be careful: excessive deflection can cause overstrain of the back muscles, especially when you do an exercise with a lot of weight. So if the back muscles begin to reduce, then the deflection should be slightly reduced, otherwise it is easy to earn stretching.

  1. In the position where the bar is lowered on the chest, the scapula should be maximally retracted and brought together as close as possible to each other.
  2. The back should be tight, so you’ll create the stiffest position possible.
  3. The chest is maximally deployed and protruded forward.
  4. The shoulders are set back.
  5. Head nape touches the bench, you can not turn it or tilt it in the side.
  6. The view is fixed on the middle of the bar, during the whole exercise it is worth only looking at it.
  7. You have to put your feet firmly on the floor, you can not move your feet during the exercise, do knee movements, etc.

Some bodybuilders lift the pelvis up, so that the benches only touch the shoulder blades and the back of the head. This allows them to maximize effort and raise more weight, but if you are doing on an amateur level, then the pelvis is best pressed to the bench.

Hvat should be much wider than the shoulders, while the right finger is opposed to the rest so that the bar can not slip out of the palms.

bench press
It’s important to use only secure grip

Sneeze, when the thumb is pressed to the forefinger, is very dangerous, since the bar can slip and fall on your chest, stomach, face or neck. You understand that they can do 50 or 100 kilograms, which will fall on you even at a slight height. So use only a secure grip.

If you have taken the correct initial position, then the exercise itself is most likely to be performed correctly. When lowering the bar, it is worth taking as deep a breath as you squeeze the bar – a sharp and strong exhalation.
Breath is extremely important in strength training, a powerful exhalation allows you to overcome the “dead point”, in which muscles experience the greatest burden.

When lowering the bar, you need to make a second pause, you can not beat off the barbell about the chest. In this there is nothing dangerous, but such a “beat off” will not allow you to squeeze the maximum weight.

how to do bench press
Bench press with bridge

It is necessary to lower the bar twice as slowly as squeezing it. If you drop it abruptly and quickly – then the big weight will simply crush you. But you need to squeeze out the opposite quickly, sharply and with a powerful exhalation. A sharp rise of the bar produces, so-called “explosive force”.

When lowering, you need to expand and raise your chest even more towards the bar, so you, first, shorten the distance, secondly, use your chest muscles more and stretch the chest.
In general, the main task is to unload the muscles of the arms and shoulders in order to maximally load the chest. To do this is not so easy as it might seem at first glance. It is necessary to maximally unfold the chest and take the shoulder blades back.

bench press technique
Woman’s bench press

Do not forget to squeeze the bar to the end, that is, fully straighten your arms in the elbows. In this case, between the repetitions should make a small pause. You do not need to “fragment”, nobody drives you anywhere, with hasty actions you just get your breath and can not squeeze out the maximum weight.

When approaching a small number of repetitions with a large weight for you, ask someone to hedge. In the training halls, such requests are easily answered, so do not be shy.

Bring your attention to the video:

It should be recalled that if you decided to “make” yourself a big powerful chest, then you should at least rock your legs, because in nature everything is harmonious and without strong, strong legs there can not be no strong hands, not powerful pectoral muscles!