Hardgainers. Who are they?


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For many endomorphs, the actual question is how to get rid of excess fat and how to dry. At the same time, hardgainer is faced with the opposite problem, that is, for such people it is not at all a problem to get rid of excess weight, for them just the problem is a set of extra weight. In the environment of athletes engaged in bodybuilding such people, to put it in simple language, called acne.

In this case, there is a more correct expression – hardgeyner. Who are hardgeynery? These are those bodybuilders, for whom it seems difficult to gain body weight, whose body is difficult and responds at low speed to strength training.

 Many specialists in strength training believe that in the halls, many of the athletes are of this type. And a very small percentage of modern bodybuilders easily gain muscle mass and add weight. The rest, unfortunately, must be incredibly stubborn in the hall in the struggle for an extra kilogram of muscle mass. Thus, hardgeiners gain muscle mass is very difficult.

If you are one of those who saw the familiar exclaim: “You go to the gym, you rock, you train? – I would not have said (a) or thought (a) ». Then read carefully this article.

So, for some it is easier to gain muscle mass and progress in strength indicators, and for others it is a very difficult task. More often than not, the first ones manage to become champions in power sports such as bodybuilding and powerlifting: in those sports that need a lot of strength and muscle mass. And the other category, as a rule, does not have such a genetic advantage and it is very difficult for them to demonstrate progress in strength and in gain of muscle mass.

It may seem that people from the second category are better not to be admitted to power sports at all, because they can not achieve anything a priori; in any case, they will not be able to compete with those people who have a genetic predisposition for power sports.

training for hardgainers
Big biceps

However, practice shows that this is not entirely true. A bodybuilder who has data from nature is not so furiously motivated to achieve higher results and indicators, because it is not so interesting and necessary for him. Really motivates only what seems first unattainable.

Thanks to this, just from athletes who do not have a genetic disposition for bodybuilding, sometimes even the champions in this sport come out. This is the case, because such athletes really want to achieve the highest rates, which are not given to them easily by nature.

Genesis of hardgainer

Genetically, there are significant differences between all people. In this case, do not conclude that this person is worse or better than another. However, one must understand that if one wants to build muscle mass and reach certain strength indicators, then it will be easier for some people, and for others it will be more difficult. It’s just that every person, due to his genetic characteristics, has talents for certain types of life.

If you are a classic hardgainer (ectomorph), then most likely you have relatively thin bones, a large percentage of slow anaerobic fibers, you have a low percentage of fatty mass, which is a disadvantage when demonstrating the greatest possible strength. In this case, hardgainers have a number of advantages.

who is hardgainer
Former hardgainer

A low percentage of fat means that when tying some muscle mass, your body will look much more aesthetic than the body of a person with a predisposition to excessive fat mass. Due to the large number of hardy fibers in the muscles, hardgainers are more accustomed to prolonged physical exertion.

With confidence to determine whether you are a hardgainer or not possible only after you pass several tests and after seeing a qualified coach.

However, there are several general criteria that will allow you to orient yourself in determining your physique. First of all, we need to look at the physiology of man, how he looks. For example, if he has thin bones, he is less suited to power work and will be worse in muscle volumes. If he has short muscles, then most likely he will not be able to show greater muscle strength, respectively, and add muscle in volumes will be less.

How to determine that I’m a hardgainer?

First of all you need to look at your wrist. In the event that when you grasp his thumb and middle finger and between the fingers there will be a gap in one finger, this means that the person has an average physique from nature. If the fingers can touch each other, this is an indication that the person has thin bones and the likelihood that he is less adapted to power training. Another type of people is characterized by fairly large gaps. It is these people can rapidly add to the muscle strength and volume.

Secondly, you need to look at the length of the muscles. This is most obvious when we look at the biceps. If we bend the hand, and from the place where the biceps begins before the forearm is placed one finger, then we can say that the person has a medium build. If the finger does not fit, that is, the bisebse begins almost from the elbow fold – this indicates that the person has a very powerful genetics, adapted for power sports.

Hardgainer (ectomorph)

There are people who can put two fingers, or even three. This suggests that they have a short muscle, and therefore, they have less disposition for strength training. They will not be able to demonstrate the same ultimate strengths as bodybuilders whose muscles are longer, and fastening the ligaments as close as possible to the elbow fold.

Thirdly, this is the content of subcutaneous fat. Provided that a person has less fat, he responds to strength training much worse than the one who has more fat. If you are naturally dry, it is likely to add muscle mass to you will be more difficult.

Fourth, the reaction to training. It is necessary to look at how often a person can increase working weight in exercises. It is desirable that a person can add 1-2 kilograms every 2 weeks in heavy basic exercises.

This all helps in general to assess whether a person is capable of maximum power load or has bad abilities for this. However, do not neglect one significant point. The fact is that in this world there is no only black and white, there are shades. There is no clear concept whether a person is fit for power load or not.

Hardgainer with low fat percentage

There are various intermediate moments. Just as the types of physique are divided into ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.

  • Hardgainer  ectomorph  is a person with very thin bones, a small fat content in the body, which has a very fast metabolism and it is difficult to build muscle mass.
  • Endomorph  – a man whose bones are thicker, muscle fibers are not so much, but a lot of fat.
  • And the third type is mesomorphs , of which, in general, the champions are “built”. People who have thin podkozhkoy, large enough bones and at the same low fat content.

So in nature, 100% representatives of the species of ectomorphs, mesomorphs, endomorphs exist very little. Most often there are different kinds of combinations. That is, if a person has come into the hall and he is weak in something, he can show a remarkable result in another aspect of the training process.

Each type has its strengths and weaknesses. And this must be taken into account when you give your definition, whether a hardgainer is a person or not, and whether he is suitable for bodybuilding or whether he should go and do something else. It is better not to talk about this person, since such a statement can discourage the desire to achieve results and successes. So think less, practice more.

Dear readers, write comments about how and for how long you have determined that you are a hardgainer. Where did you first know who hardgeiners are? And how has your strategy of training and nutrition changed after you realized and accepted your belonging to this type of bodybuilders?

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