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Muscles of hands are a kind of visiting card of any sportsman. The volume of muscles, strong forearms and a powerful handshake are some of the signs of a confident and self-confident man. In our today’s article we will try to figure out which exercises for the strength of the hands are most effective, which principles should be adhered to in their training process and how to pump up powerful hands in the gym and at home.

What do you need to remember while training your arm strength?

First of all, it is necessary to disassemble this question from the position of anatomy. Conditionally hands can be divided into two parts: the upper and lower. The top part includes:

  1. Biceps (biceps arm) consisting of two bundles: short and long;
  2. The triceps (triceps brachium muscle), consisting of three bundles: lateral, long and medial.

In the upper part they are attached to the deltoid muscle, and in the lower part to the upper part of the forearm at the elbow fold. You should also remember about brachialysis – the muscle that runs under the biceps. The trained brachialis visually makes the upper part of the hand more massive and thicker. Read the article about warm-up before training to prevent injuries.

The triceps refers to the pushing muscles. He takes part in all the traffic movements. In fact, you indirectly load the triceps muscle of the shoulder, performing any pushing or pushing movements in which the thoracic or deltoid muscles participate. But an isolated development of the triceps should also be present in your training process, if your goal is to pump up bulky and strong hands. The triceps is about 1.5 times bigger than the biceps by volume, so it needs to pay more attention to training.

How to train the strength of the hands
How to train the strength of the hands

The biceps perform traction function, therefore indirectly participates in all exercises on the back and trapezius muscles. In most cases, the biceps do not require a large amount of load, and two or three exercises in which you well feel its contraction and stretching is usually enough for its full elaboration.

The ratio of slow and fast muscle fibers in the muscles of the hands of each person is different. Often this is the cause of stagnation and lack of progress in strength and volume of muscles. That’s why most trainers recommend using both strength training and multipacking (pumping) in the training of hands. This will help load all muscle fibers equally, which will lead to their hypertrophy and a rapid increase in strength in the basic exercises.

An important factor in training hands is the rest time between the approaches. If your goal is to develop fast muscle fibers, you should concentrate on working with large weights, hence the rest time will reach 1.5-2 minutes. This will ensure the full replenishment of ATP and high performance. By loading slow muscle fibers, you work with low weights and perform many repetitions. Long rest in this case to anything – just one minute. So you will put more stress on the muscles, and progress will not take long.

Now let’s take a more detailed look at the training of the lower part of the hand. This includes everything related to the muscles of the forearms, and the power of grip. Forearms – this is a relatively small muscle group, consisting of a huge number of small muscles. Remember their names to anything, so we will only use the concept of “forearm”. The fact is that these muscles perform a fairly large amount of exercise in everyday life. We somehow strain our forearms when we carry home purchases from the supermarket, shake hands with friends or drag heavy items from point A to point B. Therefore, to achieve progress, the load must be extreme: either it is working with very heavy scales, or doing a huge the number of repetitions with a small weight.

Under the work with heavy weights means the static retention of the projectile or its own weight. Do a deadlift, swing your back, train with an expander, do exercises from armlifting and pull yourself up without using straps. So your forearms, hands and palms will become much stronger. Muscles of the lower part of the arms will increase in volume, after that the strength of the grip will also grow. If you want even more hypertrophy, add to it a couple of isolated exercises on the forearms – bending the arms with the bar behind and standing in front of you. It is best to use the minimum weight (empty neck) and try to set the forearms for a long time under the load. Range of repetitions – the more, the better. Work until you feel a burning sensation in the muscles, only such a heavy training will bring the result you are striving for.

Exercise of brushes

Trained brushes are the basis of a strong grip, and this skill is useful to you in any sports discipline. We recommend to start developing it using an expander. To begin with, you will need a metal expander with adjustable compression force. Make a pair of warm-up approaches with a minimum weight and gradually begin to increase the weight. Do 15 to 20 repetitions in one approach.

When this expander becomes too easy for you, you should buy a more professional tool. Armlifters and arm wrestlers use expanders in their training, with a fixed compression force. The most popular and time-tested producer is Captains of Crush. At the heaviest in their line of compression force is 165 kilograms. Very few people in the world can boast of having squeezed it. By squeezing it several times – even less.

It also helps to develop the grip on the gymnastic projectile: the crossbar and the rings. Just hang and keep hanging until your fingers are squeezed. Almost all the muscles of the hand work: biceps, brachialis, brachiradialis, small muscles of forearms, hands, palms and fingers. In addition, the muscles of the back are well stretched and hypertension is removed from the extensors of the spine and trapezoids. In this exercise it is easy to track the progression of loads: just try with each training to hang for 5 seconds more. You can use this technique several times a week, for example, at the end of any strength training.

Coaching hands to develop hand strength
Coaching hands to develop hand strength

Exercises for the strength of the muscles of the hands with dumbbells

To train the upper part of the hands, dumbbells are best. Perform bending of hands with dumbbells on the biceps in different variations:

  • Concentrated lifting dumbbells to the biceps;
  • Rise to Scott’s bench;
  • Variable arms bending with supination;
  • Hammers.

Also, you can train the triceps using dumbbells, performing the following exercises:

  • French press with dumbbells sitting with both hands;
  • Extension of one hand from behind the head;
  • French press with dumbbells lying on a horizontal bench;
  • Kick back with an emphasis on the bench.

As a sample for training hands with dumbbells, you can take the following option:

Exercises Number of approaches and repetitions Time between sets
French bench press with dumbbells 3×10-15 60 seconds
Concentrated lifting dumbbells to the biceps 3×12-15 45 seconds
Extension of one hand from behind the head 3×10-15 60 seconds
Hammers 4×15-20 45 seconds
French bench press with dumbbells lying on a horizontal bench 3×12-15 45 seconds

Push-ups for training triceps

The triceps muscle of the shoulder can be fully trained, using only the weight of its own body. To do this, it is sufficient to perform push-ups from the floor or on the uneven bars.

These exercises involve all thrust muscle groups: triceps, thoracic and deltoid muscles. To increase the strength of the hands, pressing away from the floor, use the average setting of the hands (slightly narrower than the width of the shoulders) and work at full amplitude. Elbows must move along the body, and not divorce. Also an excellent exercise for increasing the strength of the hands are various variations of plyometric push-ups.

With push-ups on the beams, the situation is a bit more complicated. Here the principal role is played by the slope of the hull. If you drop a little low, bend downward, round the thoracic spine, dilate the elbows to the sides and press the chin to the chest, almost all the load will lie on the lower part of the pectoral muscles. To emphasize the load on the triceps, you need to keep the body straight, drop down to about creating a right angle in the elbow fold and press your elbows against the body throughout the movement.

Push-ups for training hand strength
Push-ups for training hand strength

Exercises for the development of hand strength at home

If you have a minimum set of sports equipment (bar and bars), you can fully train your hands at home, doing push-ups and pull-ups.

However, if they are not at hand, then make your hands stronger with the help of static movements. The best is a dense towel for these purposes. With it you can perform:

  1. Vis on the towel – this will quickly develop the strength of the grip, make the brushes and forearms more powerful and sturdy;
  2. Simulation of a towel break at different angles – for this you need to pull the towel, as if you are trying to break it, and continue to pull, statically straining your arm muscles. This method perfectly trains the ligaments and tendons, due to which the hands become stronger.

Training hands for girls

Many girls ignore the burden on their hands in their training process. However, they should keep their arm muscles toned, as this is:

  1. Improves skin condition;
  2. Reduces the formation of cellulite;
  3. Help to spend more calories and get rid of excess fatty tissue.

It is not necessary to follow the same training principles as men. In order for the muscles of the hands to always be in shape, just once a week to perform light training, doing one or two exercises on the biceps and two or three exercises on the triceps. Large weights do not need to be used. Barbells and dumbbells are also not necessary, especially if you experience pain in the elbow joints. It is quite permissible to work on simulators and own weight.

Training of hand strength for girls
Training of hand strength for girls

An approximate training of hands for women can look like this:

Exercises Number of approaches and repetitions Time between sets
Extension of hands with a rope handle 3х15 60 seconds
Lifting the EZ-handle to the bicep from the bottom block 4х12 60 seconds
French bench press with dumbbells 3х12 60 seconds

Benefits from strong hands

If your goal is a beautiful and healthy body, then, first of all, you probably appreciate the use of muscular arms from the position of aesthetics. This is true, more than 40% note that a man’s strong hands are one of the details that forms the first impression of his appearance.

However, do not forget about the functionality. Developed arm muscles help you:

  1. Use heavier working weights in basic bench and traction motions;
  2. Easily climb a rope;
  3. Hold the heavy bar during the execution of deadlift or weightlifting exercises;
  4. To have an advantage over the opponent in contact single combats;
  5. Apply crushing blows with your hands;

As you can see, pluses – mass, minus – only one. It is not always possible to pick a shirt to fit. But this can be reconciled.

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