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What is an endomorph and who is it? With respect to body types, the endomorphs are characterized by the stumpy nature of the stature and the roundness of the body. Do not lead though. True and pure ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs do not exist. The body will most likely be characterized by a mixture of features from two somatotypes.

 Therefore, high and severe endomorphs or ectomorphs may be low and stocky. Thus, bodybuilding for endomorphs is defined as a way to burn fat or build muscle for this particular somatotype.

Endomorph is characterized as ability. muscle gain, and a lot of fat, among other things. Therefore, to put it bluntly, you should know that an endomorph is never worth being on a “dirty mass collection”, as this will lead to increased obesity.

Massonabor for endomorphs, therefore, unfortunately, is limited to a clean set of dry muscle mass. More on this later.

Useful advice: if you have more than 15% of the body fat level, sit down to dry. If you have a body fat content of less than 15%, do a dry massager.

A quick set of muscle mass often does not cause much difficulty for the endomorph. However, he should get rid of excess fat and in the future for endomorphs the issue of selecting a diet should remain a priority to prevent recurrence. Proceeding from all this for the endomorph, the following recommendations are presented below.

body type

Endomorphs are believed to be more prone to obesity compared to other body types because of their slower metabolic rate and their higher percentage of body fat. Now, this doesn’t mean that an endomorph bodybuilder, with his wider girth and robust physique, is at a disadvantage. With an optimized diet plan and bodybuilding program, it’s quite the opposite. 

Simply put, muscle building requires weight gain. You need to consume more calories than you burn. For a naturally skinny ectomorph, this part could prove to be a huge challenge, but an endomorph bodybuilder can easily cross gaining weight off their list. Their higher body fat percentage also means they have a huge amount of stored energy just waiting to be harnessed. Coupled with their stronger and stockier skeletal frame, they are uniquely suited to weight lifting.

In contrast to the training of the ectomorph and mesomorph, the endomorph should use more approaches and repetitions in its trainings. This will achieve the maximum value of burning fat per unit time.

In this case, rest breaks between the approaches should tend to a minimum.
Sports that cause high calorie consumption, such as cycling, active game sports, swimming, long running, etc. – the key to the necessary effect for the endomorph.

There is no critical need to refuse the use of many foods, and therefore, not excluding important nutrients for the body, to achieve the necessary balance in nutrition.

The endomorph diet should be low-calorie and assume the use of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in minimal amounts in combination with vitamin and mineral supplements.

Endomorphs and fat loss

After you have decided on your goal, and you know that you want to dry; understand that this will be a gradual process. There are two sides with which you can look at it. First, you need to understand how to dry. Secondly, you must learn about nutrition for endomorphs , which is essentially a kind of drying.

Drying refers to the process of reducing calories in order to get rid of fat. The drying process is first of all counting the number of calories, creating their deficiency and thus manipulating the consumption of macronutrients to make sure that you keep muscle mass. Below are some tips for bodybuilding for endomorphs , so that you can achieve your goals:

  1. Calculate and create a calorie deficit is quite simple. Read the articles below to know how to calculate your calories and thus create a deficit. Deficiency of more than 200 calories is the optimal starting point.
  2. Understand macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and fats – the three main macro elements that are needed. Keep protein and fat intake high, endomorphs are usually sensitive to carbohydrates. In order to reduce the body fat percentage, carbohydrates should be the first macronutrient, the consumption of which should be reduced, and in some exceptional cases this may mean an increase in fat intake.

If everything is done well, the fat should decrease, and so your weight should decrease.

For optimal weight loss, stay within the range of 0.5 kg / week, although this does not apply to 1 and 2 weeks. In the first two weeks, you will lose most of the weight of water, so do not make any changes to your calories based on these decreases. Also set realistic goals for fat loss. You can not dry naturally in two months, when the percentage of body fat is about 15-20%. I speak from experience.


Unfortunately, as an endomorph, you always have to do some kind of cardiovascular activity. With the training plan below, conduct 2-3 cardio sessions of either low static low intensity exercise ( LISS ) or high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Your diet plan for bodybuilding should be personalized, designed specifically for your body type, lifestyle, and fitness goals. A “one size fits all” diet will simply not work. It can even do more harm than good. For example, endomorphs cannot load up on carbs the way an ectomorph can, not when they gain weight so easily. That’s why an endomorph diet plan for bodybuilding generally means “low-carb” and “high-protein”.

Endomorphs and build-up of muscle mass.

This task is a little tricky, because you should not only increase muscle mass, but you also need to maintain or reduce the body fat percentage. A set of dry muscle mass is what this means and it should serve as a starting point for any bodybuilding program for endomorphsTranslation: lots of cardio! But before heading for the treadmill or going for a run, consider HIIT or high-intensity interval training. When it comes to burning calories, it’s more efficient than running. It’s also a lot less monotonous! But do consult with a professional trainer, because HIIT is not for everyone. If you have bad knees or any other issues with your joints, opt for low-impact cardio workouts.

Since the endomorph can build muscle mass quite noticeably, protein intake will actually be reduced, compared to when you were on the drying. 2 g per kg of weight, in contrast to 3 g on drying. Fat should remain at the level of 20% of your daily consumption of macronutrients, whereas the carbohydrate intake must be dynamically changed. Here such methods as periodic starvation and carbohydrate discharge can come in handy to get rid of any unauthorized growth of fat in the body and this simplifies the pure set of muscle mass for the endomorph. Remember that you need to count the calories again and follow the scale weekly, this time even more severely, because the weight gain norms can be limited to only 0.25-0.5 kg per week. Staying in this range, you will get guarantees that you gain only the muscles.

Endomorph body type

Due to the fact that we are dealing with the buildup of muscle mass for endomorphs , most, if not all, of your food sources should be clean. Chicken breast, olive oil, sweet potatoes, brown rice and broccoli are now friends in this.

Whichever diet you make for yourself, shape it around these sources of nutrition.

Endomorph training

You can’t out- exercise a bad diet. Once you have your endomorph bodybuilding diet squared away, then and only then can you focus on your endomorph training. As with your diet, your endomorph training and bodybuilding program needs to be body type-specific.

Load progression is a royal method when it comes to endomorph training. What is it?! Progression of the load is a slow increase in weights in all pressures and drafts over time (systematic increase in the working weights of all projectiles). If you are a guy who still is lying down the same weight with which he worked 6 months ago, then you are doing something extremely wrong.

In training plans for endomorphs the progression of the load must always rotate at the center of events. You have to get better over time. Let’s look at an example. If you make a 50kg barbell with a total of 10 repetitions, 6 months, you must perform more than 10 repetitions or increase the weight for the same number of repetitions. The only way to ensure this, is to systematically record the weights of all your projectiles in all exercises and approaches in the training diary. Believe me. It works. Now I can do 100 kg shraga with 10 net reps because of this.

Perfect endomorph’s body

Therefore, the answer to which training program is best for the endomorph is fairly simple. Progression of the load with fixation of the increase in intensity in the training diary, or even better, wave periodization or cyclic loading. Oh yes. Intensity. If you think about your social life, while twisting with the barbell, then we all know how much it will build muscle. Remember the connection between the brain and the muscle on which you are currently working. Order your muscle to grow and it will.

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