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bodybuilding diet

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Nutrition the absolute majority of specialists and athletes consider the basis of success in bodybuilding, it is important to create bodybuilding diet. If you can not provide yourself with sufficient energy value of the bodybuilding diet, you will have to forget about achieving success in recruiting the masses.

However, there is another danger: trying to achieve the necessary caloric content of the daily ration, the athlete starts eating everything, not particularly worrying about whether it is useful for the organism or quite the contrary.

What components are needed to compose a bodybuilder diet?


Proteins need a bodybuilder to build dry muscle tissue. When the athlete has enough protein, then the muscles recover faster and grow, because the protein is like a medicine for damaged muscles after a hard training. No protein – no growth!

Your bodybuilding diet should consist of 25-30% of protein, and the amount of protein consumed must be calculated based on 2 grams per kilogram of body weight. For better assimilation of protein, consume at least 5 small portions of food with a high protein content per day…

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Healthy nutrition

The best sources of quality protein are fish, poultry, whole milk and sour-milk products, egg whites, legumes, nuts and some vegetables. It is very important to consume proteins of animal origin, because they contain essential amino acids. In human muscles there are 22 amino acids, eight of which can not be formed by the body. Just these amino acids are called irreplaceable and enter the body with food.

In vegetable proteins, there are very few essential amino acids, so proteins of animal origin are simply a necessity for nutrition of bodybuilding. In general – eat meat! But do not forget that consuming a lot of protein foods can also consume a lot of fat. And this is bad for a bodybuilding diet! Therefore, make sure to get protein from low fat foods. When preparing a bird, always remove the skin from it, because it has a lot of fat, read this article to lose belly fat. Any meat is desirable to eat either in boiled or stewed. Try not to eat fried!


This is the main source of energy for the bodybuilder. Carbohydrates also contribute to better protein absorption. The best sources of carbohydrates are bread from roughly ground flour, cereal, pasta, vegetables, fruit, skim milk products, seeds, nuts and legumes.

bodybuilder diet
Carbohydrates in healthy nutrition

Carbohydrates are simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are all sweet. This is a sweet juice (especially grape, apple), candy, sugar, sweet fruit, etc. These carbohydrates are very quickly absorbed by the body, instantly supplying you with energy. Complex carbohydrates are porridges, nuts, beans – they are digested slowly and for a long time supply the body with energy. There is also a third type of carbohydrates – refined. But this type includes various chemical additives and sugars, which are usually used in the fast food industry. This type of carbohydrates is certainly not needed for nutrition of bodybuilding.


Any bodybuilder after he began to take seriously his bodybuilding diet – is wary of fat. This is because fats can pose a real threat to the relief figure of the athlete. But, many bodybuilders overdo it to avoid consumption of fat. In the end, they eat too little of the body’s fat, and thus slow down all their progress in bodybuilding.

In fact, fats are very important for the functioning of the entire human body. They serve as a vehicle for the transfer of fat-soluble vitamins in the blood. They also serve as fuses for vital organs. But, what is most important for the nutrition of the bodybuilder, is that the fats provide energy for the basic metabolism with prolonged physical activity. But there are also special fatty acids that are simply needed by the cells of our body. The most qualitative sources of fats are vegetable oils, fish oil, cheese, yogurt…

On the photo: nuts

Fats can also be of different kinds. There are fats that are easily digested, and there are those that are more difficult to digest. These fats are also called saturated and unsaturated. To understand how each type of fat behaves in our body, you can give an example with threads. Unsaturated fats, this is like a small tangle of thread, which can be easily untied. Such fats are easily absorbed in our body and do not stay in it.

Saturated fats are comparable to a tangle of thread, which is very confused and difficult to untie. Such fats are very difficult to digest and can lead to the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. Representatives of unsaturated fats are sunflower, corn, olive oil, fats, which are contained in nuts. The consumption of such fats contributes to lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood. So these foods are bold!

To saturated fats include butter, whole milk, fat in pork meat, beef, in general it is products of animal origin. Although some vegetable oils contain saturated fats (palm, coconut oil). You should consume these foods in small quantities. Especially dangerous for the athlete is mayonnaise, although it is delicious. Try to exclude it altogether from your bodybuilding supply, especially if you are not already in adolescence. It is desirable that saturated fats make up no more than 7% of your daily caloric intake.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are also very important for the bodybuilder, as well as protein. After all, these substances are involved in almost all digestive and energy reactions of metabolism. They help our body to fight diseases, infections and support our health in a wonderful form. The best sources of vitamins and minerals are fruits and vegetables.

Since all people are different, lead a different lifestyle, then the required amount of these substances for all differs. Scientific studies have shown that stress causes the depletion of vitamins and minerals in our body. It can be a nervous shock, anger, quarrels, pregnancy, hard work, studying, hard training, illnesses – all are stressful. Therefore, to adequately supply your body with vitamins and minerals – you need a thoughtful bodybuilding diet, which includes enough of these important substances.

bodybuilding diet
List of vitamins

Nowadays, people are attacked by a lot of poisons and chemicals that are oxidized inside our body and undermine our health. Bad ecology, tobacco smoke, which we are willing to breathe, because many smoke, poisons in the food itself – all this is forced to split our body.

Such vitamins as A, E, and C together with the mineral “selenium” – perfectly break down toxins and poisons in our body. Eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and also drink natural juices, which you better do yourself. It will also be appropriate to consume quality vitamins and minerals in tablets.

Your food is very important for your progress in bodybuilding. No less important than controlling your emotions and training yourself. Every bodybuilder who will seriously monitor his nutrition will have greater success than those who are negligent in this. Eat with the mind!

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