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arnold schwarzenegger bodybuilding

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In an interview with the US channel USN, Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding pro told how he managed to succeed. As it turned out in order to become one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century, it all had to follow six simple rules.

1. Believe in yourself

First of all, you must decide for yourself who you want to become and whether you are ready to do everything possible and impossible to do so. If the answer is “no”, then it is clearly not yours or you are just a weak-willed lazy person. If the answer is “Yes”, then you must do everything that is required of you, in order to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

arnold schwarzenegger bodybuilder
Mister Olympia – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Do not listen to what others will say to you, because often it happens that parents decide for you by whom you will stand and what you do, of course, you must respect them, but this is your life and therefore it is necessary to go to the cherished goal, breaking all obstacles and not listening to nobody.

2. Break the rules

If you live by adhering to all the rules, trying to please everyone around, refusing what you want to do, only because someone can think of you wrong, then all this time you lived can be called one word – “existence.” Yes, yes it is, because it can not be called life. So that in order that your days do not pass without smashing, do what you want, of course, without violating the law, is it a little bit, create a bodybuilding diet.

3. Do not be afraid to make decisions

Everyone in this life has to make some decisions and this can not be avoided. And since no one will live for you this life, you must decide everything yourself. Perhaps, many decisions will be erroneous, but do not be upset, because life without mistakes is boring and inferior.

arnold schwarzenegger motivation
Arnold Schwarzenegger in youth

Every time when I had to take some important decision, I was already mentally preparing to fail, but I believed that I would succeed. Sometimes everything went like clockwork, sometimes I fell through, but nothing, this is life. Life in which you decide everything.

4. Do not listen to anyone.

I have already talked about this, but I repeat that listening to someone else’s opinion, you give chance to others, make some changes in your life and believe me, these changes may not be positive ones. I was often told such phrases as “It’s impossible”, “You can not do it,” but after accomplishing all my tasks, I proudly told these people, “I could. Everything is possible for me. ” Believe me, when you say this phrase, you will feel like the happiest person on earth.

5. Well, now a little about the process of training

I will give an example. My main idol was Muhammad Ali. And in one of his interviews he asked how many times he squats, to which he replied that he did not count the times until he felt the pain and after the pain makes itself felt he starts counting the repetitions. This I want to say, that you can write a sensible program, which you must deal with, but no coach can get into your skin, which means that you yourself must feel how many times you need to do and with what weight.

arnold schwarzenegger bodybuilding
Arnold Schwarzenegger pumping biceps

6. Do good things

No wonder they say that the good you have done back to you will return. Today you helped, for example, to convey the weight of a woman, and tomorrow this very woman will give you the last pack of cottage cheese in the store. Just kidding, of course. Simply you must understand that this is your life, and you must decide how to live it and at the same time leave a trace.

In an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding pro was asked how he managed to achieve such heights in bodybuilding and acting career. He responded in one word – “Act”.

But one action is not enough. It is important to have understandable goals. Take time to think about the goals that you set for yourself. How much do you intend to achieve them? In which circumstances would you give up your goals? And what if you significantly increased your motivation to achieve them? What if you so strongly want to reach them, that you are absolutely sure that never and under no circumstances will you step back?

arnold schwarzenegger body
Popular photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger

When you are one hundred percent going to achieve your goals, you are moving from the hope of fully comprehending your plans. If you want to achieve something damn badly, then the retreat is not even considered a variant of the development of events. In any case, you will find a way to achieve the goal, and pay the price that will be needed.

People who are keen to achieve their goals are often called strong-motivated. But is this quality reserved for only a select few? Of course not. With the right approach, anyone can develop a strong motivation and come to a state of such a strong commitment to achieving their goals, that success will be as inevitable as sunrise.

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