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The body-pump-workout.com is a portal dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding. At the moment the portal is in the beta version. We plan to fill it with interesting and unique articles in a few months. The publication is planned for the latest scientific research and materials on fitness and bodybuilding.

Fitness and bodybuilding is something that will help you to be strong and beautiful. If you work as a coach, the information on our portal will help you to learn a lot about sports in general and about bodybuilding and fitness in particular. It will certainly be useful to you in your work at the fitness club.

The body-pump-workout.com is dedicated to bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting, power extreme and other power sports! What is bodybuilding? As the name implies, in translation from English, this bodybuilding, that, really reflects the concept of this sport. Yes, people who are engaged in bodybuilding build their body. Bodybuilder, as a sculptor, creates a work of art, but instead of clay and granite he has living flesh!


Was born in the 19th century, and since then has developed in the direction of maximizing the improvement of our body, constantly raising to a new level human capabilities and striving for the ideals of the ancient Greek gods. However, it became known to the whole world only at the end of the 20th century with the appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It was this man who brought millions of people to sports halls around the world, gave his example, led them to do bodybuilding! Competitive bodybuilding, like any other professional sport, has long approached the limits of human capabilities, and not everyone has been able to follow the best sportsmen of this sport. Yes, and the criteria for a beautiful and sporty body began to change over time, then just recently, 10-15 years ago, fitness appeared.


Means “to be in shape”, this phrase is the most suitable for the requirements and criteria of the present time, right now it is most in demand, people are engaged in fitness around the world, the number of fitness clubs is measured in millions! After all, time dictates new demands, if you are in shape, you are successful, so fitness is an integral part of a modern, successful and progressive person.

But let’s not forget that fitness is just one of the branches of bodybuilding, because all the knowledge accumulated over many years in bodybuilding is successfully applied in fitness, in fact, fitness, it’s the same bodybuilding, also bodybuilding , but with other criteria. The main difference is only in the ultimate goal, and not in the methods of achieving it. Technologies, techniques, and means of fitness are technologies, techniques and means of bodybuilding! Therefore, fitness is fully indebted to everyone, and its appearance, including, it is bodybuilding!

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